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What Students are saying about Eddie deSouza


Matt Mernagh 

You've been an inspiration and a great teacher and also a great friend, I enjoy recording with you and being around you.Thanks for everything Eddie


Heather Burger


Eddie ignites with enthusiasm while teaching, enthusiasm that I found to be infectious while he taught me drum lessons! Those who enjoy the process of learning how to create music, will appreciate his experience, dedication, skill and passion as a songwriter/musician/producer.


I recorded a video of a recording session he did with songwriter/award winning poet/author Pamilla DeLeon Lewis in May 2009. This experience was inspiring, productive,smooth and electric with creative energy. Both Pamilla and I were impressed at how organized and timely he ran the session. He was open, kind and attentive to the needs of Pamilla as a songwriter, and myself as a videographer. Eddie immediately picked up what she was wanting to express in her music, creating a dynamic Calypso groove in a timely, professional manner.


He's professional, real, and honest.


Heather Burger


Is a Laughter Yoga Leader/Blog Talk Radio Host/Production Assistant  Shaw Cable


Ivan H. Spivey

taking lessons from you was something i looked forward to Eddie, you were always patient, but at the same time you were very instructive and quick to catch me when i was using improper technique. if you haven't heard the song before you'll borrow a track or download it to learn for the next lesson. its not just about learning what your taught when instructed by you , its more about learning what you want to be taught and teaching what you want to learn. your full of insight and have a really positive attitude toward music.


James Sewell 

Hey Eddie,

I have quite a few.

First of all, over the years and even now I wouldn't be where I am with drumming if it wasn't for you, and one of the biggest things you tyaught me was to reach for my goals. and Now I PLay live I'm into recording and I do my own stuff as a musician. infact one of my first recordings was a video we did for christmas at shaw cable a number of years ago... so I could run this story longer but you asked for a few words. so if there is one thing I can Say is Thank you and keep reaching for your goals. ,


Wes Giesbrecht

where to start. You are an awesome drum teacher.I learned a lot from you.every time we would jam I would learn something new on the drums and guitar.I hope this helps you, good luck with promoting the recording studio.