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Monday, February 20, 2012

Moving a Web Site or Two!
in the past year I have created two new web sites, The Best Of You're the Star! & Quesnel Community Access, instead of having them all on different hosting I am attempting to rebuild so they are all hosted on one, easier said than done! The good  news is I can go through this old site & update & delete so things should be easier to find. I also intend to bring some content over from Facebook because of the constant change there ( Loss of discussions & earlier posts on some groups ) We will see how far I can get before throwing in the towel! lol 
9:20 pm est


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Eddie deSouza

Thank you for the visit!
I still feel that I am just starting to learn about setting up a web site & intend to use this site to keep YOU informed about new developments in my Career & also share some personal information with YOU!

Interested in listening to some of my music? below please find links to a few CBC sites & youtube sites for some of my Video's 

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Eddie deSouza Country & Rock Music CBC Radio

Eddie Spaghetti Children's Music CBC Radio

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